STMicroelectronics’ MDmesh™ DM6 600V MOSFETs contain a fast-recovery body diode to bring the performance advantages of the Company’s latest super-junction technology to full- and half-bridge topologies, Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) phase-shift converters, and applications and topologies generally that need a robust diode to handle dynamic dV/dt.

Leveraging ST’s advanced carrier-lifetime control technology, the MDmesh DM6 MOSFETs have reduced reverse-recovery time (trr) to minimize power dissipation in the diode when turning off after freewheeling. Recovery softness is optimized to enhance reliability. In addition, very low gate charge (Qg) and on-resistance (RDS(ON)), together with a capacitance profile tailored for light loads, allow higher operating frequencies and greater efficiency, with simplified thermal management and reduced EMI.

Ideal for equipment such as charging stations for electric vehicles, telecom or data-center power converters, and solar inverters, the new devices enable superior energy ratings with more robust performance and increased power density.

Part of the STPOWER™ portfolio, the MDmesh DM6 family comprises 23 part numbers covering current ratings from 15A to 72A, with gate charge (Qg) ranging from 20nC to 117nC and RDS(ON) from 0.240Ω down to 0.036Ω respectively. The choice of popular power package options includes the new low-inductance leadless TO-LL, PowerFLAT 8x8 HV, D2PAK, TO-220, and TO-247 with short leads, long leads, or Kelvin pin for applications requiring precision current sensing.

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