Pick up from the warehouse

If your order is ready to ship, you always can take it from our warehouse.

Please note that pick up is possible only after you receive from our sales information about the readiness for shipment. For your convenience, we ask you to inform us in advance of arrival, so that our staff can complete the order before your arrival.

If you are a representative of the company, make sure that you have taken the original of the letter of attorney and the identity document.

New Post

For more than five years, our company has been cooperating with the "New Post" delivery service. This method of sending is the most widespread among our customers. If you can not pick up an order by yourself, this option is the fastest, usually it takes about one day. Customer pays delivery costs.

To receive your order from the "New Post", please inform us about:
- Your name and surname 
- Your phone number

Pay attention! If you are a representative of the company that will pay for shipping by cashless method, before sending, make sure that the number you specified is secured by the company that will pay for the shipment. Otherwise, we can not guarantee that payment by cashless will be available.

Another methods

On your request, we can send you goods in any convenient way for you. In this case, our employee will inform you about the estimated delivery time.